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Video Podcasts to Teach Positive and Effective Management of Classroom Behavior

Tom McIntyre (Special Education)

Professor Tom McIntyre continually seeks ways to replace or enhance the "sage on the stage" method of teaching. This search has led him from overhead projectors to PowerPoint presentations; from chalk boards to SmartBoards. For his FITT project, Professor McIntyre created a series of audio and video podcasts, with related activities and assignments, to better communicate content and model I.T. to present and future New York City teachers.

Professor McIntyre used Audacity for audio recording and editing to create the mp3 podcasts. Additionally, he used iMovie and Final Cut Studio to create video podcasts (vodcasts) that integrated quick-changing PowerPoint slides, relevant images, video clips, and his own narration. These vodcasts were used as part of learning modules which supplemented his classes in behavior management and the education of students with behavior disorders. Students engaged in online projects in place of Hunter-based class meetings. They viewed the vodcasts and applied the information in various assignments. The students created assignment packets to be brought to in-person follow-up Hunter-based class sessions. These packets contained student responses to questions based on vodcast content, printouts from Internet sites that reflected some aspect of the vodcast, and other materials that were in response to assignments based on the vodcasts. The materials in the student packets were then used in activities and discussions during the follow-up class meetings. The Hunter-based class sessions extended the student knowledge and skill bases through the use of PowerPoint slide shows in combination with clickers. Video scenarios that related to the online assignments were used in class to spark discussion about teacher techniques for responding to students with behavioral disorders. Students also used the video podcasts as review materials before exams.