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Capstonepedia: A Web Resource for Master's Students in Public Health

Arlene Spark (Nutrition)

Students in the Master's in Public Health program must meet a capstone requirement, a culminating experience that allows students to synthesize and reflect upon experiences gained in the program. Dr. Arlene Spark re-conceptualized the capstone experience and developed a web site (Capstonepedia) and supporting materials to help students meet the new requirements. Capstonepedia contains materials that will help students: 

  • create a portfolio to track degree progress
  • undertake a fieldwork experience
  • meet the requirements for a capstone seminar course
  • write a capstone essay 

Capstonepedia is initially being developed for the Public Health Nutrition program using Hunter's content management system.  The site will be used as a model for other programs in Urban Public Health (Community Health Education, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, Health Policy and Management, Epidemiology/Biostatistics, and Public Health Nursing).