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FITT 2012 Projects

Christa Acampora
Christa Acampora (Philosophy)
There's an app for that! Increasing student engagement in a large lecture course
Elaine Gale
Elaine Gale (Special Education)
Implementing video apps in sign language courses to increase student learning and engagement
Jeff Allred Jeff Allred (English)
Novel hacks: Past, present, and future of a genre
Mark Hauber Mark Hauber (Psychology)
Digital Treasurehunt
Laura Baecher
Laura Baecher (Curriculum & Teaching)
Online videocases in ELL pedagogy
Yang Hu
Yang Hu (Curriculum & Teaching)
Strengthening integrative and reflective learning through ePortfolios
Jonathan Cain Jonathan Cain (Library)
Digital Research Journal
Janette Gomos Klein Janette Gomos Klein (Biology)
Introducing new media and online assessment in Biol 230
Sandra Clarkson
Sandra Clarkson (Mathematics & Statistics)
with Bill Williams
Building a web-based statistics course
Ricardo Miranda
Ricardo Miranda (Film & Media)
Class website for a web development course which included a series of introductory lectures on the history of  HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Manuel C. Co Jr. Manuel C. Co Jr. (Nursing)
Using ePortfolios to document evidence of performance in an internship
Jody Polleck Jody Polleck (Curriculum & Teaching)
Using hybrid classes to enhance students' collaboration and advocacy
Milagros Denis-Rosario Milagros Denis-Rosario (APRLS)
Tracing modern Puerto Rican history
Alexandra Tsybeskov Plavskin Alexandra Tsybeskov Plavskin (Nursing)
Academic Health Care Record
Anthony de Jesus
Anthony de Jesus (Social Work)
Ways of knowing: Perspective on schools
Jeanne Weiler
Jeanne Weiler (Educational Foundations/Sociology)
Making the connections: Hunter Noyce Scholars ePortfolio project
Anthony DeVito
Anthony DeVito (Urban Public Health)
Multimedia Lab Manual - Biostatistics
Bill Williams Bill Williams (Mathematics & Statistics)
with Sandra Clarkson
Building a web-based statistics course