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FITT 2013 Projects

Steven Baumann (Nursing)
Reflective and integrative DNP education with ePortfolio

Pamela Mills (Chemistry)
with Donna McGregor
Creating the Resources to Build a GenChem Hybrid Course for the Future

Brian Collins (Curriculum and Teaching)
Teacher training using video analysis of language assessments of English language learners

Lacey Peters (Curriculum and Teaching)
Enriching professional learning in the Early Childhood Education Program by integrating ePortfolios into the course of study

Frank Gardella (Curriculum and Teaching)
Creating mathematics video for classroom use 

Leighsa Sharoff (Nursing)
Merging science and technology: Genetics, genomics, and technology working together
Scott Gentile Scott Gentile (Mathematics and Statistics)
Developing Math 150 (Calculus I) as a hybrid course

Michael Siller (Psychology)
Children with Autism across the Lifespan: Developing a hybrid course

Nancy Giunta (Social Work)
with Samuel Ayer, Stephen Burghardt, Caroline Gelman, Carmen Morano, Willie Tolliver
Teaching and learning anti-oppressive social work practice: Introducing multimedia resources

Arlene Torres ( APRLS )
Race, Ethnicity and Community Formation: Hybrid course development
Kathleen Isaac (Curriculum and Teaching)
ePortfolio pedagogy for the Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Program
Victor Torres-Velez ( APRLS )
Latino Health, Anthropological Perspectives: Expanding the hybrid teaching model
Larry Kowerski (Classical and Oriental Studies)
An ebook for reading upper level ancient Greek 
Julie Van Petegham Julie Van Peteghem (Romance Languages)
Boccaccio 700: Reading the "Decameron" in 2013

Donna McGregor (Chemistry)
with Pamela Mills
Developing visual resources for a fully online or hybrid General Chemistry course

Aine Zimmerman (German)
An ebook for an intermediate German language course

Dara Meyers-Kingsley (MUSE Scholars)
Creating community for the Muse Scholar cohort through ePortfolios