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Teacher training using video analysis of language assessments of English language learners

Brian Collins (Curriculum and Teaching)

Project Goals
  • In-service and pre-service teachers will gain practice and expertise in assessing and evaluating the language performance of ELLs, using video as a tool for analysis.
  • Deeply instructive case studies will be added to Hunter's online video database system (VAT).
Technologies Used: Blackboard, QuickTime, The Frankfort Digital Video Library









"This project will provide students with more ‘hands-on’ experience in preparing, developing and administering language assessments."

What did you accomplish over the summer?
I found the summer meetings to be highly productive in planning and adapting this project to best fit the needs of my students. I collaborated with various members of the FITT staff, as well as The Frankfort Digital Video Project staff to create guided online and in-person session for students to utilize video as part of their training.

How did your thinking about your project evolve?
This project has evolved greatly from its original plan of creating online learning modules which included online video examples of language assessments. At our Initial FITT meeting through conversations with past and present FITT awardees I began to plan to create new videos of students administering language assessments to add to the Hunter Video Analysis library. The power of using video has been demonstrated in training teachers and is an on-going goal of the School of Education. I believe my FITT project has been improved by engaging students in the process of creating and analyzing videos of their own practice.

How do you plan to assess the effectiveness of your project and its impact on student learning?
I will evaluate the effectiveness through:

  • surveying students from our upcoming Fall 13 courses
  • describing the development of the video analysis/case sample projects
  • describing/analyzing students experience with the projects
  • analyzing participants performance
  • pre/post survey of students’ knowledge and understanding of issues surround language assessment of ELLs