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Creating mathematics video for classroom use 

Frank Gardella (Curriculum and Teaching)

Project Goals
  • Create a video "template" that will help perspective teachers develop their own mathematics videos.  These videos will be used by school students to review as well as to replay given lessons at home.
Technologies Used: Video recording and editing








"In the fall 2013 semester, 35 students in Methods of Teaching Secondary Mathematics will create videos for selected topics in mathematics. Student work will be viewed by all class participants for constructive criticism. Students in these classes who are actually teaching in schools will be asked to use the videos in their teaching."

What did you accomplish over the summer?
During the summer, I was able to create very specific aspects of the video including technical aspects especially the technique for camera arrangement for attention to focus on area which contains the materials.  Also, a similar project was developed during a two-week Professional Development Grant workshop in August with classroom teachers, Grades 3 to 8.Topics ranged from learning basic facts to introducing algebraic concepts and skills.

How did your thinking about your project evolve?
During the project I realized that there was more detail needed in the actual creating of the video.  This is usually taken care of the discussion in a classroom.  In the video, this must be made clear without interactive discussion.