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Developing Math 150 (Calculus I) as a hybrid course

Scott Gentile II (Mathematics)

Project Goals
  • Create a 50% lecture / 50% online hybrid class that increases student engagement and achieves a higher pass rate and proficiency in learning outcomes. 
Technologies Used: Blackboard, MyMathLab, Wolfram Alpha







"I realized that being very selective about how much to give students before each lecture was crucial. Mathematics can be very overwhelming, and if students feel overloaded, they will simply shut down, and will not appropriately prepare for each lecture."

What did you accomplish over the summer?
All work in preparation for the fall hybrid course has been completed. The MyMathLab course has been set up, including interactive homework assignments with integrated reviews; video lectures, interactive applets, and slideshows; and online quizzes.

How do you plan to assess the effectiveness of your project and its impact on student learning?
Students will be given the same common final at the end of the semester as students in other sections of the course. Four learning outcomes for the course will be analyzed across all sections of Math 150 using the common final. The final exam average score and course pass rate will also be analyzed for every section.