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Teaching and learning anti-oppressive social work practice:
Introducing multimedia resources

Nancy Giunta, Samuel Aymer, Stephen Burghardt, Caroline Gelman, Carmen Morano, Willie Tolliver (Social Work)

Project Goals
  • Strengthen the Social Work Practice Lab (PL) course, which applies a pedagogical lens of anti-oppressive practice (AOP) and trains students to work in multicultural urban contexts.
  • Create an online compendium of multi-media educational materials reflecting AOP social work practice.
  • Promote all sections (18+) to use post the multi-media resources outside of the classroom.
  • Encourage students to contribute resources to the compendium.
Technologies Used: Blackboard, VoiceThread











"Over the summer, our thinking became more focused in terms of the specific tools we would use and how they could be incorporated into our work with this course."

What did you accomplish over the summer?
We created the design of the Master Blackboard site; identified online technology to incorporate visual and audio presentations on the site; identified which faculty would be responsible for which presentations; and developed drafts of the presentations. We completed an online visual and audio presentation that was used as a model for other faculty members teaching the course. We will be continuing to add content to the site throughout the semester. We merged ALL 18 sections of the course into one "Master
Course" Blackboard site, with permission from all the instructors.


How do you plan to assess the effectiveness of your project and its impact on student learning?
The Practice Lab class already has a pre-test/post-test assessment survey built into it. There are questions in the survey about the structure/format of the class that will (hopefully) tap feedback on the Blackboard resources.