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An ebook for reading upper level ancient Greek 

Larry Kowerski (Classical and Oriental Studies)

Project Goals
  • Create an ebook for a specific text (Lysias 1) that will help guide students through the process of reading an ancient text.  The emphasis will be on getting the student more comfortable with reading ancient Greek rather than trying to string together a series of English meanings gathered from a lexicon.  The book will also focus on developing a core vocabulary for reading ancient Greek. 
Technologies Used: iBooks Author, iPads








"My project moved from one solely devoted to vocabulary building to one that used the ebook format as a platform for developing reading strategies for an ancient language."

What did you accomplish over the summer?
I created a number of lessons in an ebook format for use in an upper level ancient Greek course.  I became familiar with the capabilities and limitations of an ebook for such a course.  I became familiar with the specifics of creating an ebook.


How do you plan to assess the effectiveness of your project and its impact on student learning?
Through a series of sight reading exercises which follow guided lessons and regular vocabulary quizzes.