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Creating community for the Muse Scholar cohort through ePortfolios

Dara Meyers-Kingsley (MUSE Scholars)

Project Goals
  • Facilitate an online community of Muse Scholars by utilizing ePortfolios.
  • Freshmen Muses will capture their written, photographic, and audio assignments for the HUM 201 and HUM 126 courses.
  • All 90 students in the Muse cohort will create ePortfolios to showcase their academic achievements and creative work. This ePortfolio will remain with them throughout their academic career at Hunter.
Technologies Used: Digication








"Having access to this technology absolutely inspired me to think out of the box and allowed me to be more creative in my assignments and ways of teaching HUM 201, which is an introduction to the arts for artists."

What did you accomplish over the summer?
During the summer I worked intensely with ICIT and ACERT staff to determine which platform to use and how to create and build the ePortfolio templates.  Since the project has multiple users and goals, I ended up creating 3 templates: one for the freshman Muses, one for the Muse cohort (sophomores and juniors), and one for myself.  Since this was my first time working with ePortfolios, I spent most of the summer reworking my fall syllabus for HUM 201 to accommodate the ePortfolio, creating new assignments and reflections.

How did your thinking about your project evolve?
I became an absolute believer in the possibility of this technology as a creative instrument and the use of reflection as a teaching tool.