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Developing visual resources for a fully online or hybrid General Chemistry course


Donna McGregor and Pamela Mills (Chemistry)

Project Goals
  • Develop some highly scaffolded visual resources that will supplement (or replace) the traditional lecture and reading content for a large general chemistry course.
  • Use these highly scaffolded materials to tailor the learning of students with different strengths and preparations.
  • Infuse metacognitive strategies into the standard curriculum through the development of a Learning Goal Analysis (LGA) tool.
Technologies Used: Powerpoint and Keynote to create presentations,
QuickTime X for screen recordings, iMovie for video editing











What did you accomplish over the summer?

We redesigned General Chemistry by mapping out a new flow for the content that will be delivered in a one year general chemistry course. Instead of working chapter-by-chapter through a textbook we have reorganizied the content into nine units. We created detailed learning goals for all nine units in the first semester of this course, and for several modules, developed video lectures that students will watch online instead of coming to class.

How do you plan to assess the effectiveness of your project and its impact on student learning?

During the course of the semester we plan to collect specific student performance and engagement information as outlined in the table below:

Weekly statistical information about the use of the online resource: How many students watch individual videos?

What percentage of each individual video do students watch in a single sitting?

How many times (on average) do students access individual videos?

How much time (on average) do students spend watching individual videos?

How many students complete the LGA?
Tests and Test scores: How do test scores compare to a traditional chemistry course?
Board of Directors meetings: Weekly meetings with a select group of students to gather general course feedback specific to the online modules and LGA.