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Enriching professional learning in the Early Childhood Education Program by integrating ePortfolios into the course of study

Lacey Peters (Curriculum and Teaching)

Project Goals
  • Learn about ePortfolios, as a tool to incorporate and embed into the early childhood education program so that teacher candidates are better prepared to meet the heightened expectations for teacher certification, and teacher accountability in the current context of education reform. 
  • Roll out ePortfolios in one of my courses on early childhood curriculum.
  • Initiate programmatic changes wherein all faculty members will have the use of ePortfolios as a requirement in all early childhood courses.
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"For now, ePortfolios will be used at a course level in the early childhood program; however, I hope that this is a practice or model that will eventually be utilized across the program so that faculty, students, and other professionals in the field can look to a person's ePortfolio as a means to monitor progress."

What did you accomplish over the summer?
First and foremost, I appreciate the time I have had learning with and from my peers and colleagues, especially as our group spanned the disciplines. We share many similarities with regard to our beliefs about ePortfolios, and the potential they have to enrich students' experiences in our programs and beyond. It was both validating and interesting to see how we strive for our students to be introspective in their understanding(s) of the ways in which the artifacts they share to represent themselves being/becoming members of a particular professional community. Secondly, I created an ePortfolio template that will not only serve as an organizational and reflective tool, but ideally, can be a catalyst for change within our program.

How do you plan to assess the effectiveness of your project and its impact on student learning?
I hope to learn a significant amount about the impact on learning from the students themselves. I will ask them to provide me with feedback through informal and formal conversations, survey responses, and through the reflective components embedded within the portfolio.  The survey will be conducted online, at the end of the semester, and will be comprised of open-ended prompts so that students can share their (hopefully) detailed perspectives on the benefits of creating ePortfolios, along with sharing their opinions on the aspects in need of improvement.