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Children with Autism across the Lifespan:
Developing a hybrid course

Michael Siller (Psychology)

Project Goals
  • Develop eight modules of a hybrid course covering key issues that individuals with autism, their families, and professionals face across the lifespan. These modules will be designed to incorporate publically available online education resources for families and professionals. These resources will be complemented with opportunities for interaction between the students and with the instructor.
Technologies Used: Quizlet, Voicethread, Blackboard, including Collaborate (to record lecture snippets), tests, blogs, wikis and discussion groups








"Developing this course was less about developing content than I anticipated; instead, my task was to make these available resources accessible to students; to help students to use them productively (e.g., to write, reflect, and apply); and to use technology to create opportunities for interaction between the students and with the instructor."


What did you accomplish over the summer?
Developing this hybrid course involved two kinds of learning on my part: (1) learning about hybrid teaching and supporting online interaction; and (2) creating an inventory of publically available educational resources about autism that can be utilized for this course. During the summer, I brought both of these kinds of learning together and created drafts of the first few modules for the course.


How do you plan to assess the effectiveness of your project and its impact on student learning?
The course will be offered as a special topics course in the Psychology Department during Spring 2014. I will incorporate feedback portions within each module. In addition, each module includes assessment components designed to evaluate whether the presented materials have been mastered.