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Race, Ethnicity and Community Formation: Hybrid course development

Arlene Torres ( APRLS )

Project Goals
  • Convert four existing lectures and related media for use as an online component for a hybrid course.
  • Explore the kinds of options available to best present materials and elicit student engagement.
Technologies Used: Educreations, VoiceThread, Blackboard Journal, Blackboard Discussion, iMovie, PowerPoint








"I used Voice Thread to provide students with an opportunity to use technology to get to know one another and to think about the material to be covered throughout the term. This is a great interactive tool."

What did you accomplish over the summer?
I learned how to use Blackboard more effectively to develop a hybrid course. I also learned about a host of tools available to further enhance the development of online teaching modules. I was able to incorporate these tools as I developed each of the online modules. Finally, I was able to incorporate a variety of assignments to help students assess their own learning process.

How did your thinking about your project evolve?
My thinking about the hybrid course changed radically over time. I developed a different understanding of the host of pedagogical tools that must be put in place to clearly define learning objectives and outcomes for students when we are engaged in long distance learning. I had to scale down my expectations about the number of modules I would be able to complete given the time it took to learn, develop, and implement the wide range of tools needed to create solid modules.