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Yonatan Abranyos (Physics)
Implementing Video Demonstration for Mechanics in Physics

Elaine Gale (Special Education)
American Sign Language (ASL) Video Exit Tickets for Active Learning and Assessment

Amber Alliger (Psychology)
Redesign of OER materials for The Statistics for Behavior Sciences course

Wendy Hayden (English)
Students Writing and Rewriting the History of Hunter College: A Public Humanities Archival Research Project

Marcus Artigliere (Curriculum and Teaching)
TESOL Supervised Teaching Seminar Online Courses and EdTPA Preparation Modules

Jack Kenigsberg (English)
An OER "whyto" digital textbook for English 120

Michael Benediktsson (Sociology)
OER Conversion for the Sociology Department's Required Social Theory Course

Sissel McCarthy (Film & Media Studies)
News Literacy Network website

Carmen Sherry Brown (Early Childhood Education)
An online resource to support early childhood teacher candidates with preparation and submission of their edTPA portfolios.

Gina Riley &
Kristen Hodnett
(Special Education)
Video Supervisory Training for Students and an OER Module for a Completely Online Teacher Education Program

Manashi Chatterjee (Chemistry)
Exploring the role of iOS and Android mobile apps in teaching and learning of organic chemistry

Maria Y. Rodriguez &
Jama Shelton
(Social Work)
Preparing Community Organizing students for their Digital Soapbox

Barry Cherkas (Mathematics)
Supplementary Materials for Teaching Limit Proofs Online

Erin Siodmak (Women and Gender Studies)
Open classroom / open research: Teaching transparency + publicly-engaged projects