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FITT 2017


Carmen Carmen Sherry Brown (Early Childhood Education)
Creating videos that use Dialogic Reading strategies to support comprehension in preschool
Todd Miller  Frank Martinez
Todd Miller and Frank Martinez (Biology, A&P)
Using Digital Interactive Lab Activities to Improve Student Outcomes in Anatomy & Physiology Lab - BIOL 120
Manashi Chatterjee Manashi Chatterjee (Chemistry)
Problem solving videos in Organic Chemistry

Acid Based Aspirin Bicarbonate Video
Ricardo Miranda (Flim & Media Studies)
Virtual Reality (VR) for Pedagogy
Kristen Hodnett Gina Riley
Kristen Hodnett and Gina Riley (Special Education)
Creating Interactive and Dynamic Online Options

Michael Steiper (Anthropology)
Development of a Statistical Computing Module for Anthropology Programs
Elidor Mehilli Elidor Mehilli (History)
200 years of European History: a hybrid approach

FITT Presentation
19th and 20th Century Europe
Anie Zimmerman Aine Zimmerman (German)
German Grammar Video Series: Addressing sources of frequent error and frustration for first through third year German students

Parts of Speech & Grammar Terms: Why you should care? (so, you won't get eaten by a bear)
Dara Meyers-Kingsley
Kelly Wang
Dara Meyers-Kingsley and Kelly Wang
(Muse Scholars/Office of the Arts)
Explorations in the arts: Digital Community Building

Office of the Arts
Fall 2017 Muse Exploration in the Arts
Fall 2017 HUM 201