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Assess student learning

Technology can facilitate new ways of assessing student learning by enabling students to share work online, enabling instructors to give feedback online, and supporting real-time feedback on student understanding of class concepts.


An ePortfolio is a web-based collection of work that can be used to demonstrate student learning and achievement.  ePortfolios can be used for a variety of purposes – to maintain a record of student work over time, to provide a space for students to reflect on their own learning, or to showcase exemplary student work.  


Student response systems, or "clickers," are wireless systems that can be used to collect responses from a group of people in real time.   When a question is posed, each individual with a clicker enters a response.  The results are instantly aggregated and displayed in a graph that can be projected to the front of the room.  Clickers can be used to help students assess their own knowledge and to give instructors more insight into student comprehension of class concepts.

Blackboard Tests & Respondus

The Blackboard "assessment manager" allows you to create tests and quizzes that students can complete online. Instructors can use Blackboard assessments as graded tests, for student review or self-assessment, or to gauge student understanding of readings or class concepts.  Respondus is a Windows-based program that allows you to create and manage test or study questions using a word processor-like interface.  These questions can be saved as a Blackboard pool and imported to Blackboard.