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Enhancing your presentation style using PowerPoint and video

November 12, 2009

Technologies such as PowerPoint and video can be used to create engaging, interactive presentations.  In this session, three faculty members demonstrated how incorporating these technologies enabled them to interact with students in new ways:

  • Tom McIntyre showed how he included interactive activities, such as “do now” activities and clicker questions, in his PowerPoint presentations as a way of modeling these techniques for classroom teachers.  Professor McIntyre also created a series of video podcasts as supplements to classes in behavior management and working with students with behavior disorders.  Video scenarios were used in class to spark discussion about teacher techniques for responding to students with behavioral disorders.  Students also viewed videos before class and posted their commentary using wikis.
  • Maria Rodriguez demonstrated how she used PowerPoint presentations and other technologies to prepare students to engage in discussions about their academic and personal goals.  Professor Rodriguez created four focused PowerPoint presentations that were shown in class and discussed.  The presentations were also made available to students on Blackboard.  Students responding to a student survey reported that these presentations helped them be more successful students.
  • David Hodges described how using video examples of current students engaged in an in-class debate will help future students understand the different debate roles.  With a clearer idea of what the debate involves, students will be able to make more informed decisions about how they would like to participate in the debate.


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