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Creating video learning materials using iMovie

October 1, 2009

iMovie is a video editing program for the Macintosh that can be used by instructors and students to create engaging learning materials.  In this session, Elaine Gale (Special Education) described how she used iMovie to edit downloaded YouTube videos, add captions to video, and reformat video so that student could view it on their iPods.  Professor Gale also discussed an assignment she gave her students, in which they used iMovie to create videos of themselves signing.  Irene Chung and Judith Rosenberger (Social Work) described how they created their own video case studies using volunteer actors.  These video case studies of clinicians working with clients were shown in class and used to stimulate class discussion.  The videos were also posted online, and students were asked to discuss what they might have done differently as a clinician in the given scenario.  Students have the option of working in groups to create a video case as a midterm assignment.

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