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Creating interactive resources for students

October 28, 2010

Hunter faculty members have created a variety of rich, interactive materials for use by students.   In this Tech Thursday session, we discussed two examples of such resources and demonstrated how QuickTime X can be used as a screen recording tool on the Macintosh.

Mariann Weierich demonstrated a decision tree she created to help students determine if a career in psychology would be suitable for them.  By responding to a series of questions, students can self-assess their motivation, skills, and personality. Depending on their responses, students are led to different branches of the tree, with more in-depth questions.  Mariann created this decision tree using PowerPoint, Adobe Presenter, and Adobe Captivate.  The decision tree will be placed on a web site currently under construction in Wordpress. Mariann plans to create similar decision trees  to help students in an abnormal psychology class determine whether specific cases meet the criteria for a certain diagnosis

Roberta Kilkenny demonstrated the first of a series of four tutorials designed to help students uses online databases effectively.  The tutorial for the Digital Library of the Caribbean, created using Adobe Captivate, features Roberta's audio narration guiding students through the thinking process and steps she follows when researching a topic.  The tutorial includes a table of contents to facilitate reviewing and close captions which make it more widely accessible.  Roberta plans to use class time once devoted to teaching students how to use the database for discussions and research activities.