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Tools for creating and sharing presentations

September 30, 2010

There are many tools for sharing and creating presentations online, but no one tool that suits all needs and purposes. In this week's session, two faculty members discussed and demonstrated presentation tools they have used (Voice Thread and Prezi) and explained why they chose the tools they did.  ICIT staff demonstrated a third tool, Jing, which can be used to create screen movies and short narrated PowerPoint presentations.

Abigail Jewkes demonstrated how she has used VoiceThread for the online portion of a hybrid course in Early Childhood Education. Professor Jewkes created online lectures in the form of narrated slides, in order to present course materials in a more engaging way and to model teaching with technology for teacher candidates. She chose VoiceThread because the tool is easy to learn; presentations can be included in a Blackboard course site by linking or embedding; and the tool is available at no cost.

Daniel Margócsy demonstrated a tool called Prezi, which organizes presentations quite differently from the way PowerPoint does.  Professor Margócsy chose this tool because he wanted an alternative to the bullet points and linear sequencing of slides for which PowerPoint  is often used. Prezi allows him to zoom in and out of images, easily showing image details, and to define the path or sequence of a presentation.  Professor Margócsy uses Prezi to deliver his lecture in class by clicking on different sections of a large canvas containing images and text.  He also shares his presentations with students, storing them on Silo Uploader and linking to them from Blackboard.



  • About Jing
    Overview of Jing, a simple tool for creating screen shots and screen movies
  • About VoiceThread
    Overview of VoiceThread, a tool for creating collaborative, multimedia slide shows
  • Prezi
    A tool for creating dynamic, zooming presentations that are not slide-based
  • Adobe Presenter
    A PowerPoint plug-in that allows you to create flash-based, narrated presentations (Windows only).
  • Profcast
    A desktop application that allows you to create narrated presentations in a variety of formats.