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Video-centered student assignments

September 16, 2010

Many Hunter professors have incorporated video as part of class activities and online assignments. In this session, two presenters discussed how they guide their students to view and analyze video as part of coursework in the School of Education.

Laura Baecher offered a follow-up report about her FITT 2009 project, in which she created videos to help student teachers acquire classroom observation skills. Professor Baecher shared insights about how to design video-based assignments, including how to help students have "aha moments" that challenge their previous conceptions.  Professor Baecher also discussed survey data collected from assessments that students completed before and after participating in the online training modules.

Jennifer Samson discussed an assignment in which student teachers analyze case study videos. Student teachers were given guidance about how to identify elementary school students with different profiles: ELLs (English Language Learners), students with disabilities (SWD), and English Language Learners in Special Education (ELLSE).  By reviewing interviews with parents, student teachers learned to identify issues raised by parents regarding the special education process and to develop possible solutions to address the parents' needs.