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Building student research and writing skills: Collaborations with library faculty

November 3, 2011

  • Lauren Yannotta and Vanessa Baish have a common set of students in their Library 100 and English 120 sections, which are being taught within a freshman block.  English 120 focuses on critical thinking, written responses to texts, and a research paper that includes several drafts and an annotated bibliography.  Library 100 focuses on the research process - selecting a topic, finding and evaluating sources, and academic integrity.  Lauren and Vanessa worked together to coordinate their syllabi and align the research processes in the two classes.  Sources found in Library 100 are used for the final paper in English 120 and students develop a single ePortfolio for the two classes, in which they reflect on their research and writing processes.  Lauren and Vanessa plan to assess the effectiveness of this approach by comparing student reflections and annotated bibliographies in the block English 120 section with those in another English 120 section also taught by Vanessa. 
  • Jonathan Cain talked about how is collaborating with Veronica Gregg (APRLS) to help students in her African American literature course develop their research skills. Students attend a library orientation session, in which they are introduced to a specific database and to a research journal to help them track and reflect on their research process.  Jonathan maintains ongoing virtual presence in the course through a blog within the course Blackboard site and by responding to student questions via email. Jonathan also created several screencasts to guide students through more advanced search techniques.  These webcasts have helped students develop more focused searches with a more manageable number of results.
    Jonathan Cain's blog
    Jonathan Cain's presentation slides 

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