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Video for teaching and learning

December 1, 2011

We discussed a variety of ways that Hunter faculty are using video for teaching and learning: from student-created video of gorilla behavior in the field, to video demonstrations of teaching social justice concepts to elementary school students, to projects in which students use video to dialogue about philosophical concepts. 

  • Jessica Rothman talked about creating videos that served a dual purpose: to capture primate behavior in the field and to motivate students to do field research.  Students doing field research in Uganda in summer 2011 created scripts and recorded and narrated videos that illustrate concepts about primate behavior.  These videos were shown to students in several anthropology classes and shared with colleagues.
  • Debbie Sonu shared a video that she created to demonstrate how social justice issues can be taught in elementary schools.  As part of her FITT 2010 project, she created three 10 minute video clips that show teachers and elementary school students discussing issues such as immigration policy.
    Debi Sonu's videos on social justice teaching
  • Christa Acampora discussed several ways that she has incorporated video in her classes, including two approaches to student video projects.  Last year, Christa gave students in her philosophy class the option of using xtranormal to create an animated philosophical dialogue as an alternative to taking an exam. She found that the dialogical format can lead to deeper student inquiry.  This semester, she has asked the 90 students in her class to work on group projects, in which they conduct interviews about a topic in philosophy.  The goal of the assignment is to develop student understanding of philosophy as a form of inquiry. Students share their videos on a class YouTube channel.
    Christa Acampora's Prezi presentation on using video for teaching and learning