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Fall 2012 Schedule

Where: Charlotte Frank Classroom, 1203 Hunter East
When: Thursdays, 12 pm - 2pm. 
RSVP: to no later than 5 pm on the Tuesday before the event.

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Sep 27
Group work and interaction in hybrid courses
One of the challenges in designing a hybrid course is supporting interaction and collaboration in an online environment.  In this session, two faculty members with experience teaching hybrid courses will address questions such as: (more...)
Jody Polleck
(Curriculum & Teaching)
Lynn Roberts
(School of Public Health)
Oct 4
Using technology for self- and peer-assessment activities
Technology can create new opportunities for involving students in assessment, both of their own work and of their peers'. In this session, two faculty members will discuss how they have incorporated self and peer assessment in their classes, addressing questions such as: (more...)
Elaine Gale
(Special Education)
Oct 11
How eBooks are changing the way we think about textbooks
The increasing use of tablets and other mobile devices offers us an opportunity to reconsider how we think about textbooks.  eBooks have the potential to incorporate a variety of media, provide students with additional opportunties for learning through interactive activities, and save students money - but do they live up to this potential?  In this session, we will consider questions such as: (more...)
Anthony DeVito
(Urban Public Health)
Charles Tien
(Political Science)
Oct 18
Using Blackboard to organize your semester: Learning units and modules
Blackboard can be used to organize your course into learning modules or units that incorporate a variety of learning activities.  In this session, two faculty members will discuss learning modules and units that they have created, focusing on questions such as: (more...)
Angelo Angelis
Janet Patti
(Curriculum & Teaching)
Oct 25
Online lectures: How and why to use them
Pre-recorded lectures can be used to deliver content in hybrid or online courses, to help students review class content, or to create a "flipped classroom," in which lectures are viewed online and class time is used for discussion and other interactive activities.  In this session, we will discuss different ways of creating and using online lectures, focusing on questions such as: (more...)
David Keepnews
(School of Nursing)
Maria Pereira
Nov 8
Innovative video recording in the classroom
How can video recording be used to support student engagement and success? In this presentation, two CUNY professors will present their practices of videotaping students in order to encourage improvement in oral communication abilities. They will discuss what students learn from thinking of "the self as audience." The presentation (more...
Kimberly del Busto Ramirez
(English, LaGuardia CC)
Edward Goodman
(Business and Technology, LaGuardia CC) 
Nov 15
ePortfolios: Opportunities and challenges for first-time users
ePortfolios are collections of digital artifacts that can be used to reflect on one's learning, demonstrate proficiency with specific learning objectives, or showcase work to potential employers. In this session, faculty who used ePortfolios for the first time this semester will discuss (more...)
Geoffrey Bankowski
Manuel C. Co Jr.
Jeanne Weiler
(Educational Foundations)