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Using Blackboard to organize your semester: Learning modules and units

October 18, 2012

Blackboard can be used to organize your course into learning modules or units that incorporate a variety of learning activities.  In this session, two faculty members will discuss learning modules and units that they have created, focusing on questions such as:

  • Why create online modules or units?
  • How can they be integrated with other elements of the course?
  • What are some important components of online learning modules and units?
  • What are some strategies for making them interactive?
  • How do students experience online learning modules and units?
  • Which Blackboard tools facilitate the development of learning modules and units?

Angelo Angelis will discuss a research learning unit that serves as the capstone project for the History Practicum. The Practicum, the cornerstone course in the history major, introduces new and prospective majors to historical methods, including historiography, research and writing history. This learning unit allows the students to put many of these skills to work,  examining sources, making critical choices, and creating the basic framework for a possible research project and paper.

Janet Patti will share a problem-based learning module that she created for students in a graduate course in educational leadership.