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Online lectures: How and why to use them

October 25, 2012

Pre-recorded lectures can be used to deliver content in hybrid or online courses, to help students review class content, or to create a "flipped classroom," in which lectures are viewed online and class time is used for discussion and other interactive activities.  In this session, we will discuss different ways of creating and using online lectures, focusing on questions such as:

  • What are some pedagogical purposes of online lectures?  How might they relate to other elements of a class?
  • What are some tools for creating online lectures?  What are some criteria for selecting a tool?
  • How do you select materials to include in online lectures?
  • What are other important aspects of designing online lectures?

The School of Nursing has been offering N704 (Urban Health Care Systems) as a hybrid course since Fall 2011, incorporating video lectures as well as video instructions for some of the assignments. Experience and student feedback over the last three semesters has allowed faculty to refine the use of video lectures/instructions. David Keepnews will discuss the School's experience and its potential application to other courses.

Maria Pereira teaches a face-to-face, lecture-based anatomy and physiology course with an enrollment of more than 600 students.  She will discuss students' experience with a screencast lecture she created and will share the results of a student survey about their experience.