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Engaging students with role-playing and project-based learning

April 30, 2009Howard Lune (Sociology) and Charles Tien (Political Science)

Role-playing simulations and project-based learning are two models of sustained, student-driven learning that can be supported by web-based social software, such as wikis, social networking, and social bookmarking tools.  In this session, two faculty members discussed how students have used these online tools to complement their face-to-face interactions. 

Howard Lune gave an update on his students‚ "ban the bottle" campaign.  Students were asked to select an issue as a class, engage in a grassroots campaign, and use a wiki to create a web-based resource on the issue.  Charles Tien talked about his election simulation, in which students take on the roles of candidates, campaign staff, and media and run an election campaign spanning the entire semester.  Students engage in in-class debates and press conferences, conduct polls, and produce campaign commercials, media articles, and op-ed columns. Students used ning, a social networking site, to create profiles for their roles, to communicate, and to share documents, videos, and other media.

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Additional Resources

7 Things You Should Know About Ning
Ning is the primary tool that students in Charles Tien's class used to communicate in the election simulation.

7 Things You Should Know About Wikis
Students in Howard Lune's class were initially asked to create a wiki on their chosen issue - "ban the bottle."

7 Things You Should Know About Facebook
Students in both Charles Tien's and Howard Lune's classes chose to use facebook as another way of communicating.