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What's new with technology for teaching and learning at Hunter?

February 18, 2010

The Technology Teaching and Learning Group (TTLG) demonstrated and discussed a number of new tools and initiatives at Hunter: web-based conferencing tools, the Academic Commons, interactive whiteboard tools, ePortfolio pilot, and FITT 2010

Please contact the TTLG team for additional information about these tools and initiatives.  For general questions about teaching and learning with technology at Hunter, contact Manfred Kuechler, Acting Associate Provost for Instructional Technology.

Web-based conferencing tools

Web-based conferencing tools allow people in different locations to interact online in real time using tools such as audio, video, desktop sharing, and text-based chat.  Several options are available at Hunter:

  • Virtual Classroom: A Blackboard tool that can be used for simple online collaboration such as text-based chat or sharing web pages.
  • Wimba Pronto: This tool is downloaded from Blackboard, but used outside of Blackboard once your account has been created.  Wimba Pronto automatically generates lists of other Pronto users in classes and organizations in which you participate, making it easy for users in the same courses to collaborate.  Pronto includes features such as audio/video calling, application sharing, and whiteboard.
  • Adobe Connect: Adobe Connect is a web-based communications tool that allows users to meet, share and collaborate virtually from their desktops.  Adobe Connect includes many advanced features, does not require students to download additional software, and can support larger groups than the other tools.

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Academic Commons

An online collaborative space for CUNY faculty, designed to support faculty initiatives and build community.  Register and learn more at

Interactive Whiteboard Tools

Interactive whiteboard tools allow you to have smartboard-like functionality without the smartboard hardware.  The TTLG is testing several of these tools:

  • Mimio bar: A lightweight bar that can turn any whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard, allowing you to manipulate the computer's functions and mark up the content displayed on the screen while standing at the whiteboard.
  • Mimio pad: Use an electronic pad and pen to control your mouse functions and mark up content displayed on the screen.
  • Mimio capture kit: Record and save what you write on a regular whiteboard using dry erase markers.
  • Interwrite pad: Use an electronic pad and pen to control your mouse functions and mark up content displayed on the screen.

ePortfolio Pilot

ePortfolios are digital collections of artifacts that may include documents, images, audio, and video.  These collections can be used as a way to reflect on and/or showcase one's work.  Hunter is currently conducting a small pilot of an ePortfolio tool called DigicationView Hunter's ePortfolios.

FITT 2010

The FITT program, launched by President Raab in 2008, aims to foster a community of faculty interested in exploring the use of technology for teaching and learning.  FITT is designed to support course development work over the summer months (June, July, August). Successful applicants receive a small stipend and are supported  by an educational technologist and other staff from the TTLG, as well as by a faculty mentor.  Additional information: