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Creating online learning modules

March 10, 2011

Four presenters discussed learning modules they have developed for use in face-to-face and hybrid courses:

  • Maria Pereira and Todd Miller shared video materials created to enable students to review content from anatomy and physiology labs.  The short videos showing thirty anatomical models feature close-ups of the models and narration by lab instructors. These high definition videos are currently stored online and streamed to students through Blackboard course sites. The presenters cited statistics indicating that the videos are heavily used by students and noted that the videos did not seem to result in a decrease in lab attendance.  These materials were created as part of a FITT 2010 project.
  • Maria Rodriguez showed an online interactive tutorial entitled, "How will you care for the future?"  This tutorial, both motivational and informational in nature, is meant to help new and continuing SEEK students by engaging them in educational planning and introducing them to resources such as internships and scholarships.  It contains scores of videos featuring SEEK alumni recounting their experiences and journeys. The tutorial is scheduled to launch in the fall of 2011.
  • Cynthia Walley discussed learning modules that she created as part of a summer course on family counseling. The modules, which were created using Blackboard's learning units tool, guide students sequentially through course content.  Each module includes online lectures, relevant videos, case studies, discussion board questions, blogging activities, and quizzes.  The online learning units allowed the class to use face-to-face time for small group and experiential activities.  Students seemed more engaged and better prepared for class as a result of the work they did on their own time.
  • Tom McIntyre presented online learning modules he created for a hybrid course on behavior management.  For each theme covered in class, students are guided through a series of activities that present them with course content, engage them with concepts, and ask them to consider different scenarios.  Activities include watching podcasts or videos; conducting web searches for classroom rules with which they disagree and discussing why; using online tools to design a classroom; and applying concepts to their own lives or teaching practices.  To demonstrate that they have engaged in the assignments in a thoughtful manner, students prepare a packet of notes and responses to questions that they bring to the face-to-face classes.  


  • Tom McIntyre's Behavior Management Site
    Contains videos, podcasts, lesson plans, and other materials related to classroom behavior management
  • A video walkthrough of one of Cynthia Walley's learning modules