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Creating online presentations

April 14, 2011

  • Síocháin Hughes discussed how Prezi allows her to create presentations by visually relating information and concepts.  Síocháin shared several resources for creating concept maps that can be helpful in designing Prezi presentations.  She also hared tips for working with Prezi and for transitioning from PowerPoint to Prezi.
  • Jeanne Weiler talked about creating presentations using two different tools.  Jeanne used VoiceThread to create mini-lectures by narrating over PowerPoint slides.  Having students view these lectures before class allowed them to focus on discussion during face-to-face class time.  Jeanne also used QuickTime X to create screencasts modeling her process for reading research articles.  These screencasts were made available in both streaming and downloadable formats and Jeanne used a private blog to collect feedback from students about their experience with the two formats.