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Spring 2011 Schedule

Tech Thursdays take place in the Charlotte Frank Classroom, 1203 Hunter East, 12 pm - 2pm.  Please RSVP to by the Tuesday before the event.  Many Tech Thursdays are accompanied by a hands-on workshop, scheduled for the following Monday.
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Date Topic Presenters
Feb 10 Student projects using media to make an argument
Marquita Eckert-Pool will discuss a student project in which journalism students made an opinion or commentary video based on a fact or statistic.  Paula Gardner and her students will talk about an undergraduate project in which students created PowerPoint presentations incorporating images and text to demonstrate the "age-friendly" and "un-age-friendly" aspects of the Upper West Side in New York City. These presentations were based on interviews the students conducted with seniors from a variety of UWS seniors organizations. Students used a variety of tools such as Flickr, PicassaWeb, and Blackboard wikis to collect and share their photos.
Marquita Pool-Eckert
(Film & Media)
Paula Gardner and students
(Urban Public Health)
Feb 17 Student and faculty experience with eTextbooks
Ann Cohen, Jennifer Hopper, and Charles Tien will discuss the pros and cons of using eBooks exclusively and will share data on students’ experience with eBooks.  Randye Rutberg will discuss her experience using eBooks and the accompanying online materials in large lecture classes.
Ann Cohen, Jennifer Hopper, and Charles Tien
(Political Science)
Randye Rutberg
Feb 24 Visualizing data for teaching and learning
We'll combine the social sciences, mathematics, and technology in this look at new tools for bringing large data sets to life.
  • Jason Young will show and discuss a video by Professor Hans Rosling, 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes, showing a powerful online data visualization tool
  • Bill Williams will discuss the importance of graphical understanding, and show some examples from statistics.
  • Jim Lengel will show how to load your own data set into the Motion Chart software used by Prof. Rosling.
Jim Lengel
Bill Williams
(Math & Statistics)
Jason Young
Mar 3 Teaching and learning from different locations using web-based conferencing
  • Stacey Plichta will discuss how she used Adobe Connect in a fully online class.  Students also viewed recordings of international lecturers from other universities and used discussion groups to interact with their international cohorts.
  • Helen Werner will discuss how she used Adobe Connect in a fully online course.  She and her students, who were all in different locations, met on Adobe Connect once a week and used Blackboard to work in small groups. 
Stacey Plichta
(Urban Public Health)
Helen Werner
Mar 7 Workshop Monday: Using Skype and Adobe Connect for teaching and learning Nancy Guerrero (TTLG)
Mar 10 Creating online learning modules
  • Tom McIntyre will share online modules for a hybrid course which make extensive use of videos created by him and other professors. 
  • Maria Pereira and Todd Miller will discuss how they conceptualized and produced a series of video lab review units.  These videos of anatomical models were placed online so that  students could use them to study human anatomy and physiology. 
  • Maria Rodriguez will show an interactive tutorial that introduces new and continuing students to SEEK, engages them in educational planning, identifies potential resources (e.g., internships, scholarships), and incorporates the experiences of SEEK alumni through video interviews.
  • Cynthia Walley will show learning modules that guide students sequentially through course content.  These modules include online lectures, videos, case studies, discussion board questions, blogging activities, and quizzes. 
Tom McIntyre
(Special Education)
Maria Pereira and Todd Miller
Maria Rodriguez
Cynthia Walley
(Ed Foundations)
Mar 14 Workshop Monday: Creating learning units in Blackboard Shiao-Chuan Kung (TTLG)
Mar 17 Making connections with ePortfolios
Faculty will discuss how students in a variety of courses and programs used ePortfolios to demonstrate their learning, reflect on their work, and showcase their accomplishments.
Jessie Daniels
(Urban Public Health)
Wendy Hayden
Yang Hu
(Curriculum & Teaching)
Laura Sue Phillips
Mar 21 Workshop Monday: Tools for creating ePortfolios Gina Cherry (TTLG)
Mar 24 Online tests and homework
Allan Frei and George Patterson will talk about their experiences using Blackboard tests for high-stake exams and self-assessment quizzes.  Frank Steen will talk about his experience using Poll Everywhere (a web-based clicker system that works with mobile devices) for in-class quizzes and WebAssign for homework assignments.
Allan Frei
George Patterson
(Social Work)
Franklin Steen
(Math and ICIT)
Mar 28 Workshop Monday: Overview of Blackboard tests and surveys Nancy Guerrero (TTLG)
Mar 31 Online tools for problem solving
  • Sandra Clarkson will discuss how students use wikis to collaborate on solving complex math problems.
  • Janet Patti will talk about a group project in which students select a problem in a school district and design a solution. Students use wikis to collaborate on solutions to the problem and use Voice Thread to present the completed project to the class. 
Sandra Clarkson
(Math & Statistics)
Janet Patti
(Curriculum & Teaching)
Apr 4 Workshop Monday: Overview of wikis for teaching and learning Shiao-Chuan Kung (TTLG)
Apr 7 Round table discussion on iPads and tablets
Each panel member will give a short demonstration of an app that they find useful or interesting, followed by a general discussion of uses of iPads and tablets in teaching and learning.
Laura Baecher
(Curriculum & Teaching)
Mark Hauber
Jim Lengel
Dennis Robbins
(Curriculum & Teaching)
Franklin Steen

(Mathematics and ICIT)
Apr 14 Creating online presentations
Síocháin Hughes will talk about her experience using Prezi as an alternative to PowerPoint.  Jeanne Weiler will discuss how she created online mini-lectures using VoiceThread to narrate over PowerPoint slides.   Jeanne also creates screencasts for her students using QuickTime X, using the screencasts as an opportunity to model her process for reading research articles.
Síocháin Hughes
Jeanne Weiler
(Educational Foundations)
Apr 28 Collaborative student research projects
Faculty will talk about a variety of tools they have used to support collaborative student research projects, including blogs, wikis, Google groups, and Voice Thread.  Faculty will discuss how these projects fit with the course goals, show examples of student work, and share their insights about the process.
Kenny Kwong
(Social Work)
Howard Lune
Tricia Striano
May 2 Tools for creating online presentations Shiao-Chuan Kung and Dermot Foley

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