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Student projects using media to make an argument

February 10, 2011

In today's session, faculty members and students discussed how they have used media to make arguments and tell stories. Marquita Eckert-Pool discussed an assignment whose objective was to present an argument in a clear, concise manner. Working in pairs, students created 1.5-minute video editorials. They used Flipcams to shoot the videos, posted them on YouTube and embedded them on their semi-public class website created in Wetpaint. Paula Gardner and her students talked about a project for their Healthy Aspects of Aging course in which students created individual photo essays and a class essay. By incorporating images and text into PowerPoint presentations, they demonstrated the "age-friendly" and "un-age-friendly" aspects of the Upper West Side in New York City. These presentations were based on interviews and visits the students conducted with older adults from a variety of UWS seniors organizations. Students used a variety of tools such as Flickr, PicassaWeb, and Blackboard wikis to collect, share, and offer feedback to each other.


  • Flickr and Picasa
    Web-based tools for managing and sharing photos
  • Getting started with Blackboard Organizations
  • Merging Blackboard courses
    Information about how to merge course sections to faciliate resource sharing.