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Online tools for group projects

March 1, 2012

Our presenters discussed how students used tools such as Google Sites, Flickr, and Wix to collaborate on class projects.

Students in Devon Turner's class created a mock organization or grassroots movement that responds to an issue related to violence, applying the concepts they learned in class.  Groups are given one month to submit a written proposal, develop a web site, and present their project in class. Students chose to use Wix and Google Sites to create their web sites. Students evaluated each other's class presentations using a rubric provided by the instructor.

Christine Rosalia described how her digital storytelling and mapping project has evolved over time. Adult language learners in her classes create digital stories about their neighborhoods, place them on a map, and review each other's work.  Students used a variety of tools, including Sonic Pics, an app for the iPod Touch that allows students to take three pictures and create a simple voice over; Flickr, an online site for sharing photos that allows the photos to be placed on a map; and MyBlockNYC, an interactive web site that was part of a MoMA exhibit in 2011.

Marianna Pavlovskaya's students worked in teams to create socially relevant maps in collaboration with community-based organizations in New York.  Students created reports with graphics, posters presenting their work, and PowerPoint or Prezi presentations.  They used Google Sites to share resources as they worked on the project.  Students presented their work to their community partners and at the AAG conference, a major Geography conference.