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What activities work well online? Structuring online learning modules

March 7, 2013

There are a range of activities that can be included in online modules, but what do we know about which activities work well online?  In this session, we will look at learning modules that encompass a range of activities, including video, self-assessment, and group interaction.

Laura Baecher's project focuses on developing teacher candidates' awareness of specific pedagogical strategies.  Laura embeds video modules within self-assessment activities using only tools available within Blackboard. She will share two such modules as they look within Blackboard course folders and will describe the use of tests to allow students to self-evaluate their learning. Affordance and constraints of these modules will also be discussed.

Donia Fahim will discuss how she transformed a face-to-face class in early childhood education into a successful hybrid class.  Early childhood experiences are typically hands on and interactive. When teaching a methods class, instructors want to model how they teach young children, facilitate interactions with their students, and have students create and share materials.  But can this be achieved through a hybrid class? By structuring the class into mini lessons and having students actively engage in a variety of online learning experiences, an interactive methods class can be turned into an effective hybrid class. This presentation will guide participants through how the online class sessions were structured and organized, the different tools and media used for active group participation and reflection, and how to ensure that a classroom community is maintained. Tools discussed will include Voice Thread, wikis, and YouTube.