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Student life at Hunter thrives with more than 100 clubs and organizations...

Located in the heart of Manhattan, Hunter offers students a stimulating learning environment in the world's most exciting city. Since 1870, the College has led the way in higher education with a commitment to academic excellence, diversity and community. Today, Hunter’s tradition meets innovation with distinguished professors, high-achieving students and generous financial aid awards.

With a student body of over 20,000, Hunter is the largest of the CUNY colleges with students arriving from over 150 different countries. Student life at Hunter thrives with more than 100 clubs and organizations, as well as study abroad programs, internship opportunities, and NCAA Division III athletics.

When it comes to academics, Hunter College is proud to offer an affordable first-rate education. Students benefit from a wide-range of competitive honors opportunities, including the Macaulay Honors College, Freshmen Scholars Programs and the Thomas Hunter Honors Program as well as programs of the highest quality offered through the Hunter School of Arts and Sciences and the Hunter School of Education.

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