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Defer Admission

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After you have been admitted to Hunter college, you may choose to defer your admission for up to one semester for any of the following reasons:

  • work
  • travel
  • military service
  • religious study
  • to pursue a special opportunity

You may not defer your admission in order to complete post-secondary education at another college or university within or outside the U.S. If you plan to attend a post-secondary institution, you must re-apply as a transfer applicant and adhere to the CUNY Admission Application deadlines.

Options to defer your admission to Hunter College

There are two main options to defer as follows:

  1. If you paid the Commitment Tuition Deposit, you may defer your admission and reserve your seat at Hunter College. Learn more →
  2. If you did not pay the Commitment Tuition Deposit, you may forfeit your seat and reactivate your application for consideration in a future semester. Learn more →
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