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Defer and Reserve Your Seat at Hunter College

Note: Veteran applicants and students admitted into the SEEK program at Hunter College are not required to pay the Commitment Tuition Deposit.

If you were admitted to Hunter College and paid the Commitment Tuition Deposit, you may defer and reserve your seat at Hunter College. You will not need to re-apply or pay an additional application-processing fee. Your seat will be held for up to one semester and is not transferable to any other college.

Complete the following steps to defer and reserve your seat.

Step I. Pay the Commitment Tuition Deposit:

Step II. Defer your Admission on MyChoice

  1. Log into your Hunter MyChoice page →
  2. Select the option: " I would like to defer my admission to next semester."
  3. Click "Submit."
Important: You will be required to pay an additional application-processing fee if: 1) you take any post-secondary coursework and/or 2) you defer your admission for a period of time greater than one semester.

What's next?

After you defer your admission and reserve your seat, you should expect to receive an updated Admission Decision Notification for the following semester.

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