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Reactivate Your CUNY Application

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Deadlines for Reactivating a CUNY Admission Application:

Fall: February 1
Spring: September 15

If you were admitted to Hunter College and did not enroll in the College or complete an admission deferral, you may reactivate your CUNY Admission Application. Your application will be re-evaluated for a future semester in the context of other applications based upon the most current Hunter College admissions criteria. Your spot will not be reserved at the College and you will be required to update your CUNY Admission Application with any new information.

Complete the following steps to reactivate your CUNY Application.

Step I. Defer your admission on MyChoice:

  1. Log into your Hunter MyChoice page →
  2. Select the option: " I wish to delay my enrollment"
  3. Click "Submit."

Step II. Reactivate your CUNY Admission Application for a Future Semester:

  1. Visit →
  2. Click Portal Login on the left and log-in to your CUNY Portal Account.
  3. Select Admission, then click on Online Application.
  4. Follow the instructions to “defer your application to a future semester.”
  5. Select your new Expected Entrance Term.
  6. Fill in the required information and make any necessary updates to your application.
  7. Once you have made the updates, click "Submit."
Important: You will be required to pay an additional application-processing fee if: 1) you take complete any post-secondary coursework outside of CUNY and/or 2) you reactivate your CUNY Admission Application for a period of time greater than one year.

What's next?

After you reactivate your CUNY Admission Application, you should expect to receive a confirmation of your reactivation and an updated Admission Decision Notification for the future semester.

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