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Helpful Terms

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Below is a list of words and their meanings that might be helpful for a smoother transition to college

  • Bursar - The Bursar's Office is where tuition & fees are collected.
  • E-Sims - This is Hunter's Electronic Student Information System. Students use it to register for classess, view grades and transcripts, pay their bills etc.
  • General Education Requirements - The General Education Requirement (GER) is a set of competencies, knowledge areas and perspectives that Hunter College considers essential to the intellectual development of its undergraduates. All students must complete the GER in order to graduate. Students are strongly urged to complete most of the GER before going into their major and minor. To view a listing of the GER courses, click here.
  • Hunter OneCard - OneCard is a system that lets you use your Hunter ID card to pay for campus services, such as printing, copying, dining, vending machines, and library fees. For additional information on the OneCard, click here.
  • Liberal Arts Education - Liberal Arts is a curriculum aimed at encouraging general knowledge and developing intellectual capacities, in contrast to a professional , vocational, or technical curriculum.
  • Major - Students must choose a major field of study: two chosen subjects, (the major and the minor), for the BA or one subject of specialization or professional study for the BS (approximately 30 credits for the BA and 60 for the BS).
  • Minor - The minor is a secondary concentration usually related to the student's educational or career goals. The minor is chosen when a student declares the major.
  • Registrar - The Registrar's Office is where transcripts are maintained, registration problems are addressed and diplomas are picked up. To view a list of their duties, click here.
  • Sky Walks - The term used for the three bridges that connect Hunter's North, West and East Buildings.
  • Student Services - The Office of Student Services offers a full range of services and resources (academic & personal counseling, internships) to support you from your first semester through graduation. To view a list of their duties, click here.


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