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CUNY OneCard Policy


In an effort to keep Hunter College safe and secure and to identify all persons entering the college, effective Feburary 11, 2019, anyone who presents a CUNY OneCard from any CUNY college for reciprocal permission to enter any Hunter campus is to be directed to the Visitors Center of that campus.

The associate on duty will ensure the card is valid, with an up to date semester sticker in accordance with the respective college's policy. The associate will then enter the CUNY OneCard holder into EZLobby and print a pass for the day. If a campus does not have an associate on duty, a uniformed member of Public Safety will ensure the information is entered into the blotter for that campus. If on the Main Campus, the CUNY OneCard holder will be allowed access to the library by presenting their CUNY OneCard to the officer on duty at the library entrance and the officer will allow access to the library.

Any CUNY OneCard holder who requires routine access to Hunter (adjunct, CA, etc.) should request a Hunter OneCard via the supervisor for the department for which they work. The supervisor should send en email requesting a Hunter OneCard for the individual in accordance with the established policy. E-Permit students can also obtain a Hunter ID directly through the OneCard office.

Any questions should be directed to the Director of Public Safety at 212-772-4521.

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All entrances to the 68th Street campus are now equipped with turnstiles or scanners that operate with the Hunter OneCard. One swipe gives you access to the campus. The new system is easy and convenient, but it does require everyone’s cooperation. For more information, please read through our new Campus Security Guidelines.