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New Guidelines for Holding Special Events on Campus

The following guidelines for holding special events on campus apply to both internal events and those co-sponsored by a third-party.

Campus access procedures require that all members of the Hunter College community carry their College-issued ID at all times. College ID is required to gain access to the 68th Street Campus.

All guests are required to register their campus visitation at the Visitors Center in the Lobby of the West Building.

For special events on campus, please fill out the Visitors Center Event/Guest form and email it to the Visitors Center ( at least 24 hours prior to your event.

If names are not known, please make the Visitors Center aware of the event, and include an approximate number of attendees. In your communication to guests, please make sure you stress the importance of entering through the West Lobby and checking in at the Visitors Center.

All campus guests will require a visitors pass. A visitors pass can be obtained only at the Visitors Center in the West Lobby by presenting valid ID and a purpose for entering the 68th Street campus.

We urge all special events on campus to require either advance ticketing or RSVP confirmation. Any tickets or RSVP confirmation should be presented at the Visitors Center along with valid ID in order to obtain a visitors pass.

All events require the appropriate administrative approvals:

  • If the sponsored event if for the sole benefit of the department, program, or Hunter College, only the approval of the department chairperson or the program director is required.
  • If the event is co-sponsored with a non-Hunter organization or open to the general public, approval must be given by the department chair or program director and Dean of the school the department falls under.
  • College facilities cannot be reserved by a Hunter College organization and then "turned over" to an outside group. Hunter faculty/staff assume full responsibility for coordinating and attending any Hunter sponsored or co-sponsored event held on campus.
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All entrances to the 68th Street campus are now equipped with turnstiles or scanners that operate with the Hunter OneCard. One swipe gives you access to the campus. The new system is easy and convenient, but it does require everyone’s cooperation. For more information, please read through our new Campus Security Guidelines.