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Audre Geraldine Lorde was the third child of Linda Belmar and Frederic Lorde born on February 18, 1943. Born Audrey, she dropped the "y" from her name while still a child, explaining in Zami: A New Spelling of My Name, that she was attracted to the symmetry of the "e" at the end of each name.  Influenced by her mother's love for words and storytelling, Lorde was drawn to poetry and language from a young age. Her schooling began at a Catholic grammar school where she experienced racism and hostility. It was during this time that Lorde first began to develop her literary voice; as a teen she was an active contributor to her school arts magazine and published her first poem in Seventeen magazine. Lorde attended Hunter College (1954-1959) studying Library Science and went on to earn a Master's degree in that subject from Columbia University in 1961. There she met Edwin Ashley Rollins, an attorney, whom she married in 1962. Lorde and Rollins wedding reception took place at Roosevelt House. The couple had two children, Elizabeth and Jonathan; they divorced in 1970. In 1968, Lorde was a writer in residence at Tougaloo College in Mississippi where she met Frances Clayton, a professor of psychology, who was her partner until 1989.

Mina Shaughnessy, former director of City College's SEEK Program (Search for Education, Elevation, and Knowledge) offered Lorde her first position at CUNY. From there, she went to John Jay College of Criminal Justice in 1970 where she fought to build a significant Black Studies program. In 1981, she accepted the Distinguished Thomas Hunter Chair offered by Donna Shalala, then Hunter College's president, where she taught until 1986. Lorde also taught in the Department of English; today an annual prize for undergraduate excellence in poetry and prose is named in her honor. Lorde was a mentor at the Audre Lorde Women's Poetry Center, housed at Roosevelt House in the 1980s-90s prior to its renovation.

In 1980, together with Barbara Smith and Cherrie Moraga, she co-founded Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press in order to call attention and make available work by women of color. As a prolific poet, talented teacher and artist, and well known activist, Lorde has been acclaimed as a central figure in the feminist movement. In 1991-92, Lorde was the State Poet of New York.

In the late 1970s, Lorde was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a radical mastectomy; she died on November 17, 1992 ofliver cancer in St. Croix where she was living with Gloria Joseph. In her own words, she was a "black, lesbian, feminist, mother, warrior, poet"; Lorde's life and career was characterized by her hopeful efforts to establish a better humanity through her teaching, activism, poetry and prose.

This biography is compiled from a number of sources, from entries found at "e-notes",, and from Columbia University's Center for New Media Teaching and Learning as well as Clare Coss and Blanch Wiesen Cook's entry in Notable American Women. Special thanks to Thorn in the Department of English for providing some details about Lorde's time teaching at Hunter.



Daniel G. Simmonds, III


Scholarship Award


The Martha Schulman Lapovsky Scholarship Award

for Excellence in Women and Gender Studies



Martha Schulman Lapovsky graduated from Hunter College in 1926 with a degree in Mathematics. Before marrying she taught mathematics in the New York City public schools and was among a very few female math teachers at the time. She also loved music and was an excellent amateur pianist. Throughout her life she believed strongly in education for women.



Projects are evaluated from a feminist perspective, for both their originality and their contribution to Women and Gender Studies Scholarship in terms of the medium and field chosen. Undergraduate Women and Gender Studies Majors are eligible for our awards for scholarship.

Entries that were previously submitted cannot be resubmitted. Please note that all rights to your work remain yours.


The Martha Schulman Lapovsky Scholarship Award for Excellence in Women and Gender Studies goes to (1) Undergraduate Women and Gender Studies Major of the January or June Graduating Class at Hunter. The student must have demonstrated exceptional ability in Women and Gender Studies.

Students who wish to apply for the prize must submit:

  • 1 completed cover sheet. The cover sheet contains information about yourself and the work being submitted to the Women and Gender Studies Award Committee. 
  • 1 copy of an official transcript.
  • 1 page statement explaining how you have demonstrated exceptional ability in Women and Gender Studies.
  • A substantial piece of work such as:
    • A critical essay
    • A musical composition
    • A dance performance
    • A portfolio of paintings or poems

Please DO NOT put your name or any other identifying information about yourself on ANY copies of your work. Your information must ONLY appear on the cover sheet.



March 30th



Martha Schulman Lapovsky Scholarship Award
Hunter College, Women and Gender Studies PDepartment
695 Park Avenue, HW1717
New York, NY 10065



Click here to visit the Forms page, where you'll be able to download additional information and an application form.


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