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I am a currently enrolled Hunter student who started at Hunter before fall 2013

Beginning fall 2013, incoming undergraduate degree students must fulfill the new Hunter Core Requirement (HCR), which is designed to meet the requirements of the CUNY Pathways initiative.  Current Hunter students who enrolled before fall 2013 may continue under Hunter’s General Education Requirement (GER) or opt into the new HCR.

Hunter’s current GER is closely aligned with the HCR.  Both the GER and the HCR require English, US History, Math, Science, Humanities, Social Sciences and four semesters in a foreign language.  In addition, both GER and HCR require intensive writing as well as pluralism and diversity.

Which curriculum will be best for you if you have matriculated at Hunter prior to fall 2013?

Start with some analysis of your options.

  1. You may review the list of approved courses for the HCR to see the courses that apply to HCR.
  2. To help you decide if you would benefit by opting into the HCR, review your current Degreeworks report (formerly DIG) with the GER audit, then use the What-If function to run an audit for HCR.  Compare the results.
  3. Download the GER worksheet and the HCR worksheet. Fill in the courses you have completed.  Compare the results to determine if you would benefit by opting into HCR.

For any additional questions you have, please visit the HCR Help page.

If you have further questions, Academic Advisors in the Office of Advising Services in Room 1119 East are available to meet with you.

If you decide to stay with GER, you must complete the GER requirements just as before. 

If you decide to "opt in" to the Hunter Core Requirement (HCR), be sure you have reviewed the requirements for freshman or transfer students, depending on how you entered Hunter, and then please see an advisor.

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