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I'm a freshman starting at Hunter in fall 2013 or later

You need to complete the Hunter Core Requirement (HCR), as specified below.

CUNY Common Core (CCCR) (30 credits=10 courses)

CCCR Notes:

The Hunter Focus (College Option)  (12 credits=4 courses)

Beyond the CUNY Common Core, Hunter requires students to complete 12 credits for the Hunter Focus.  These credits are part of the CUNY College Option. The Hunter Focus emphasizes foreign language and concentrated study – two areas of study that highlight Hunter’s current and historical focus on the liberal arts.

Hunter students are expected to attain fourth-semester proficiency in a foreign language, regardless of where the learning took place. After this goal has been met, students should begin concentrated study in an area outside of their first major. The composition of the Hunter Focus will vary depending on students’ language proficiency at the time of matriculation. Students who have to take a beginning language course but have already fulfilled their World Cultures requirement with a different class may apply all 12 language credits to the Hunter Focus. Students in the Hunter College School of Nursing may fulfill their entire 12 credits of Hunter Focus by taking three “STEM variant” science courses in addition to the STEM courses used to fulfill the CUNY Common Core.

a.     Hunter Focus in Foreign Language

The goal of the foreign language competency requirement is to help students attain cross-cultural knowledge and communicate in a language other than English. Students are required to complete up to 12 credits in a foreign language depending upon a student’s language knowledge at the time of matriculation and a student’s matriculation status.  Students may apply only one course at each level (Elementary level 1, Elementary level 2, Intermediate level 3 and Intermediate level 4) toward the CUNY College Option.  Intensive courses can be used to satisfy two levels.

It is strongly recommended that students complete their foreign language study as early as possible so they can benefit from it in their college career. Foreign language courses should be taken in consecutive semesters because gaps in language instruction are undesirable.

b.     Hunter Focus: Concentrated Study

This requirement encourages students to begin concentrated study outside of their major. Students who have gained fourth-semester language proficiency should make progress toward a minor, second major, or certificate (they will not complete such a program within Concentrated Study, but take first steps towards it). The number of credit hours that must be completed in the Concentrated Study requirement depends on a student’s transfer status and foreign language proficiency prior to entering Hunter and ranges from 0 to 12. It is necessary for students to indicate a minor, second major, or certificate program.  Credit for Concentrated Study is granted only for courses completed within that same declared course of study.

Concurrent Course Requirements

1.     Writing Intensive Courses

The ability to write clearly and persuasively is a valuable skill that is important for advanced study, professional advancement, and personal development.  Writing Intensive courses carry the designation “W” in the catalog and may be offered in any field.  Students must complete 3 “W” designated courses. These courses can be part of the Hunter Focus or any major or minor requirements, or electives. All “W” courses must be taken at Hunter College.

2.     Courses for Pluralism and Diversity

This group of courses addresses topics that help students broaden their horizons and gain new perspectives. The Pluralism and Diversity courses are grouped into four categories (A, B, C, and D): 

One class in each category is required. Any one course with a Pluralism and Diversity designation can only satisfy one Pluralism and Diversity category. A course with a Pluralism and Diversity designation may also carry a “W” designation and may fulfill any other requirement. 

Quick Reference Table: Freshmen starting at Hunter in fall 2013 or later


The Hunter Focus

Concurrent Course Requirements


foreign language (fl) status upon matriculation*


# foreign language credits you are required to take as part of the hunter focus in foreign language


# courses toward a minor, second major or certificate that you are required to take as part of the hunter focus: concentrated study


writing intensive courses (w)


pluralism and diversity (p&d)

Exempt from Foreign Language

0 credits

12 credits



3 W courses, must be taken at Hunter College


W courses (see college catalog for courses designated as W) can also be used to satisfy a Hunter Core Requirement, the major or electives



4 P&D courses, one from each P&D group A, B, C, D

(see college catalog for courses designated as P&D)


A course can satisfy only one of these groups, but it may be used to also satisfy a Hunter Core Requirement, the major, minor or electives

Completed 3 semesters of Foreign Language

3 credits, must be the fourth course in the sequence

9 credits

Competed 2 semesters of Foreign Language

6 credits, must be the next two courses in the sequence

6 credits

Completed 1 semester of Foreign Language

9 credits, must be the next courses in the sequence

3 credits

Completed 0 semesters of Foreign Language

9 credits if the first language course is taken to satisfy World Cultures – otherwise, 12 credits

3 credits if the first language course is taken to satisfy World Cultures – otherwise, 0 credits

*See Foreign Language Department for placement.

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