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The Hunter Core Requirement

The Hunter Core Requirement is designed to meet the requirements of CUNY’s Pathways initiativePathways assures students the transferability of core requirement satisfaction from one CUNY college to another.

The Hunter Core Requirement (HCR) is a set of courses that Hunter College considers essential to the intellectual development of its undergraduates. The HCR is meant to support the professional and personal development of Hunter students, prepare them for advanced study, and enable them to become active participants in the world of ideas. The Hunter Core provides students with opportunities to sharpen their essential academic skills in writing, mathematics, scientific reasoning, and critical thinking. The Hunter Core also introduces students to a spectrum of distinctive perspectives with which various academic disciplines view our world, its past, and its future.

How does this apply to me?

Students who have earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution are exempt from the Hunter Core Requirement and all concurrent requirements.

All other students who matriculate at Hunter in fall 2013 or later must fulfill the Hunter Core Requirement. 

Current Hunter students can “opt in” to the Hunter Core or continue with Hunter’s General Education Requirements (GER).  Please click on the appropriate link below for more information specific to your status.

I am a freshman starting at Hunter in fall 2013 or later

I am a transfer student starting at Hunter in fall 2013 or later

I am a current Hunter student who started at Hunter before fall 2013

The Hunter Core Requirement includes:

1.     The CUNY Common Core (CCCR), which includes courses in the areas of:

2.     The Hunter Focus

Beyond the CUNY Common Core, Hunter requires students to complete up to 12 credits for the Hunter Focus. These credits are part of the CUNY College Option. The Hunter Focus emphasizes foreign language and concentrated study – two areas of study that highlight Hunter’s current and historical focus on the liberal arts. Hunter students are expected to attain fourth-semester proficiency in a foreign language. After this goal has been met, students should begin concentrated study in an area outside of their first major. The composition of the Hunter Focus will vary depending on students’ language proficiency at the time of matriculation.

3.     Concurrent Course Requirements

Hunter College requires students to take courses that are writing intensive and others that deal with issues of Pluralism and Diversity.  These courses can be part of the Hunter Focus or any major or minor requirements, or electives.


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