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GUIDELINES & FORMS: Alternative Note-Taking

Note-Taking Services Guidelines

For qualified students with the following documented disabilities:

  • Blind/Visually impaired
  • Deaf/Hard of Hearing
  • Hand or upper extremity limitations
  • Other related learning difficulties

Documentation on file with the Office of AccessABILITY (OA) must clearly state the need for this service.

Student Responsibilities

Not-taking service request forms should be completed immediately after registering for a course and are due no later than two weeks prior to the start of the semester.

The following information must be included on the request form: VESID/CBVH Counselor’s name and number, course(s) number, dates and time.

Students handing in requests after the deadline must use alternative methods of note taking described below while the office locates a note-taker.

Other alternative methods of note-taking may also be explored:

  • Asking for volunteers from the classroom to supply (legible) notes - a stipend will be made available to those volunteers who contact the office within two weeks of the request date.
  • Digital recording
  • Obtaining notes from fellow students
  • Other note-taking technologies or software
  • Utilize notes on blackboard if available

Absence from Class

  • Having a note-taker does not excuse students from attending class.
  • If a student knows that he/she is going to be absent from a class, he/she must notify the OA at least 24 hours prior to the class time.
  • It is the responsibility of the absent student to get the notes from another member of the class, not from the note-taker.
  • Note-takers only take notes if the student is in the classroom.
  • Note-takers will remain in the classroom for 15 minutes after the beginning of class. If after this lapse of time the student has not arrived, the note-taker will leave.
  • Three absences without proper notification and medical documentation will result in the suspension of services. You must contact the coordinator in order for services to be reinstated.

Paper and Seating Arrangements

  • Students must provide the note-taker with either a notebook or loose leaf paper on which to take notes.
  • Students should sit next to the note-taker to facilitate the passing of the notes at the end of class and the signing of time sheets.

Schedule Changes

Please notify the Coordinator of any schedule changes that may arise as soon as possible, such as:

  • If a student drops a course or withdraws from a course.
  • If a student adds a course in the first three weeks of a term, he/she will be expected to use alternative note-taking methods, as noted above, until the OA appoints a note-taker. You must add courses as early as possible, to ensure note-taking services.
  • If there is a change in class time, days, or location.

Time Sheets

  • Time sheets will be presented to the student to initial and sign with full signature  at each class session every two weeks.

Contact with Note-taker and the Office of AccessABILITY

  • Students and note-takers should exchange emails and phone numbers so that they may reach each other directly if needed.
  • If a student has questions or concerns regarding note-taking, or
  • If a note-taker is late, or
  • If a note-taker is absent,  contact Gwen Little, Coordinator for Class Accommodations, via email:

Note-Taker Responsibilities

  • Note-takers should arrive at the class in time to receive the notebook or paper from the student. The note-taker should be seated in the class (near the student) and be prepared to take notes when the class begins.
  • Note-takers will wait for 15 minutes for the student to arrive in the class. After that lapse of time, the note-taker will leave the classroom and report the absence to the OA.
  • Note-takers will provide students with clearly written notes of the class proceedings.
  • Note-takers should sit near the student to facilitate the passing of papers and time sheets.

Note-takers will provide the students with a time sheet to be initialed at each session as well as signed every two weeks.

Please sign the Student Notetaking Agreement Form [PDF]and return it to the Coordinator of Class Accommodations with your Request for Services Form [PDF]. Scheduling of your note-taking services cannot begin until both of these forms are submitted.

Click here for a copy of these guidelines in [PDF] format.

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