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Submitting Curriculum Proposals - School of Arts and Sciences

All curricular actions must be approved by the originating department or program, the appropriate school, and the Hunter Senate. The School of Arts and Sciences accepts curriculum proposals approved by the School's undergraduate and graduate programs.  To submit proposals for consideration at the school level, please attach the appropriate documents to an email to Melissa Torrella at Directions and templates to assist in preparing curriculum proposals can be found here

Along with the attachment, please include the following information in the body of the email:

  1. The date the proposal was approved by the department or program.
  2. The name of the contact who will present the proposal at the School's curriculum committee meeting and who will answer any questions along the way.

To provide sufficient time for review, please submit proposals at least a week in advance of the committee meeting.

We will confirm receipt of proposals and ask for any additional information necessary to bring them before for the Arts and Sciences curriculum committees.  Submissions will be added to the next available committee agenda. Proposals approved by the School of Arts and Sciences will be sent on as soon as possible to either the Undergraduate Course of Study Committee or the Graduate Course of Study and Academic Requirements Committee of the Hunter Senate. 


The Hunter Senate estimates that curriculum proposals take up to 50 weeks to pass entirely through governance, depending upon timing and complexity of the action.  A sample timeline is below:

START Departmental curriculum committee approves a curricular action and submits the necessary forms to the dean's office of the appropriate school.
Weeks 4-6 Dean's office reviews the proposal and forwards to school's curriculum committee.
Weeks 10-12 After proposal is approved at the school level, the School requests a Senate number (US, UR, GS, or GR) and submits the proposal to the Senate. The proposal is held for challenge for two weeks.
Weeks 12-14 Senate curriculum committee (either Undergraduate or Graduate Course of Study) reviews the proposal.
Weeks 14-18 Once approved by Senate committee, the proposal is submitted to the Hunter College Senate.
Weeks 22-30 The action is submitted in the "Academic Matters" portion of Hunter's Chancellor's University Report (CUR).
Weeks 30-32 CUNY Board of Trustees approves the current CUR.
Weeks 32-36 CUR is published and available through the CUNY Portal.
Weeks 40-42 Registrar's Office is notified of the approved actions and updates college systems.
The new or changed course may now be offered.

If you have any questions at all about the process or what is required for curriculuar actions, feel free to contact us.

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