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Ronald E. McNair Program Responsibility


Below is a description of the expectations as well as the services the McNair Scholars program offers eligible students in the Ronald E. McNair Post- Baccalaureate Achievement Program in Hunter College, The City University of New York. As a result the program functions like other fellowships in which students are expected to participate in activities throughout the academic year through graduation. It is important that students understand the extent of their commitment. The McNair Scholars Program Staff at Hunter College works closely with each student to maximize their academic and personal development through scholarly activities and mentored research.

Student Responsibilities

I. Research

  • Scholars engage in research and scholarly activity with mentor during the summer, the fall and spring semester throughout their undergraduate academic career at Hunter College through graduation.
  • Scholars present research at, at least one McNair Scholars Conference(s) and/ or professional conference pertaining to their field of study.
  • Scholars submit a 15-20 page thesis paper (signed approval by mentor) summarizing research at the end of the McNair summer institute and/or any other academic research undertaken throughout their participation in the McNair Scholars program.
  • Scholars are expected to schedule and take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) by the end of August and provide scores to the McNair office before the fall semester of the senior year.
  • Seniors are expected to apply to a ten graduate schools during the fall semester of the senior year.
  • Juniors are expected to apply to a minimum of 6 Summer Research Opportunities. Attend a summer research opportunity or undertake academic research during the course of the summer before the fall semester of the senior year.

II. Workshops and Seminars

  • Scholars must participate in ALL workshops, seminars, and conferences offered by the McNair Scholars Program throughout the academic year and through graduation.

III. Graduate School Placement

  • Scholars must maintain a cumulative and semester grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or better.
  • Scholars are expected to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or examinations in scholar's field of study and provide copies of scores by September of the senior year.
  • Scholars must submit a finalized draft of the personal statement by October of the fall semester of the senior year.
  • Senior Scholars must submit ten completed graduate school applications as soon as each application is submitted to the graduate program and no later than the second week of January of the senior year.
  • Senior Scholars are expected to provide copies of all acceptance letters to graduate institutions within one week of receiving the letter.
  • Senior Scholars must apply for financial assistance to all graduate programs by the fall of the senior year.

IV. Administrative Requirements

  • Scholars must keep program staff apprised of current address, email accounts, telephone and cell phone numbers.
  • Scholars must read and be responsible for all information provided in the McNair Student Handbook.
  • Scholars must submit program booklets from all conferences attended/ presented as soon as possible as well as ticket stubs in order to receive reimbursements for travel to conferences.
  • Scholars are expected to complete program assessments and evaluations.
  • Scholars must hand in a copy of class/work schedule at the beginning of each semester.
  • Scholars must meet with the McNair Director on a bimonthly basis via personal meetings, email and/or telephone.
  • Meet with faculty mentors during scheduled appointments. Students are expected to meet with their faculty mentor at least twice each month throughout the academic calendar and exchange emails throughout the summer.

McNair Program Staff Responsibilities

  • Program will disperse the $2,800.00 stipend in installments during participation in the McNair Summer Institute, and throughout each academic year until graduation based on the program's assessment of scholar's progress, commitment and academic rigor.
  • All books, handouts and the McNair Student Handbook will be provided during the summer institute.
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) preparation course will be available during the summer institute and GRE practice tests will be provided for practice with online testing.
  • Program Director will meet with scholars bi-monthly throughout the academic year and until graduation for academic advisement as well as academic career and goal planning.
  • Program Director will work with scholars on personal statements and all aspects of graduate school application process, summer research opportunities and scholarship and funding applications.
  • The program will present each McNair Scholars the opportunity to present at a minimum of one McNair Conference or at a professional conference in their discipline contingent on available funds throughout their participation in the McNair Scholars Program.
  • Referrals for scholars needing academic tutoring will be available.
  • Program will provide students with a resource room that will be available from 9:00 am-5:00 pm (Monday - Friday) or as long as a staff member is available in the evening.
  • Program will provide information and resources by adding each scholars email address to the McNair listserv.
  • The McNair website ( will provide students with resources and other enrichment opportunities.
  • Program will provide students with various academic activities as funding permits.


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