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CAS (formerly known as LSDAS)

The Credentials Assembly Service (CAS, formerly known as LSDAS) is part of the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC), and serves as the national clearinghouse for law school admissions. Law schools use this service to centralize and facilitate the law school application process. You will need to become familiar with the application procedures established by CAS.

CAS submits a report to each school you apply to. The report contains:

  • copies of all undergraduate, graduate and professional school transcripts
  • a summary of the transcripts, with a CAS-calculated undergraduate GPA
  • LSAT score(s) and a copy of LSAT writing sample(s)
  • letters of recommendation

How to Complete Your CAS File

  • Register for CAS. It costs $124 to use this service. You must purchase this service separately once you have established an LSAC account. If you have financial hardship see "fee waivers" below.
  • Register for and Take the LSAT.
  • Request Transcripts. Have an official transcript sent directly from the registrar of each school you have attended to LSAC. Use a transcript request form downloaded from the LSAC web site. It is advisable to begin this process early, particularly if there are schools other than Hunter involved.
  • Request Recommendation Letters. Ask writers to send letters to LSAC. Print and complete a letter of recommendation form from the LSAC web site and give to writers the form and a stamped envelope addressed to LSAC (check each law school’s application for variations).
  • Submit Applications to Law Schools. When a law school receives your application it contacts CAS to request your report. CAS sends the report when your CAS file is complete.

Fee Waivers

Fee waivers are available from LSAC in case of financial hardship. The claim of hardship must be documented by tax forms and other financial information. You may establish an LSAC account and fill out the Fee Waiver Application Form online at :

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